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Botox and Bruising

Bruising after a Louisville Botox or Louisville Dysport injection is definitely a possility. Now it’s not all that common but it can and does happen.

This is especially when we treat the crow’s feet area. There are always small veins that live at the side of the eye that are right in the way of where we inject. In fact, the face if full of small blood vessels around the eyes and on our foreheads. So, whenever we put the needle in to inject the toxin, it’s possilbe that we hit a blood vessel. The result…a possible bruise.

You can minimize the risk of a bruise by avoiding aspirin or advil type products and with the application of ice packs to the area immediately before and after.

In the end though, if you get a bruise camouflage with make-up and be assured that it will go away.

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lee Corbett

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