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I had Breast Augmentation last week. The sides feel different. Is something wrong?

This phone call comes into our office every day after Louisville Breast Augmentation, so I wanted to address it. The answer is there is probably nothing wrong. This can be totally normal.

Each breast has it’s own nerve supply and it’s own blood supply coming to it. The nerves come off each side of your spinal cord. They travel along with your ribs and as they do, they shoot off branches into your soft tissues. As the nerves come around under you arm they send off branches into your breast. Well, when we are making the pocket for your implant to live, we can irritate the nerves. That is why the side of the breast can get do tender.

Because each side has its own nerve supply, one side can be more sore than the other. It’s that simple.

If you have this problem, I recommend massage, non-steroidals (ibuprofen) and sometimes heat can help. The good thing is that it will go away and should get a little better each day.

Lee Corbett, MD


All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville, KY Breast Augmentation surgeon, Dr. Lee Corbett.

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