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On Line Beauty Treatments…Buyer Beware!

Please be careful when you buy beauty treatments on line.

Case in point. Today I saw a patient for an Internist friend of mine. The patient thought she had burned her face using a chemical peel kit a friend bought off the internet.

Chemical peels are great. The one she used was mainstream stuff and perfectly fine…but it was the perfectly wrong peel for her to use based on her skin type.

Prescription strength MediSpa treatments are potent products. Assuming you actually get what is advertised, these products need to be used by someone who has knowledge and experience! Otherwise, you very well may get a result you didn’t bargain for! Worse case scenario is the product is bogus and then who knows what you can end up with.

It’s your FACE! Spend a few dollars more and get your facials, botox, lasers etc…from someone you know and trust! It’s worth the extra.

Lee Corbett, MD 

All posts on this blog are prensented by Louisville Skin Care physician, Dr. Lee Corbett

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