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How do I make sure my breast augmentation looks natural? I want “natural”.

This is probably the most common theme I encounter when I meet a new patient who is considering an augmentation. Getting a natural result after a breast augmentation depends on two main factors. First, we have to take into consideration how much breast tissue you have to start with. Secondly, we have to think about what size implant you are considering.

So, lets look at your starting point. If you have no chest, I mean a small A cup, you will have a more round look than you may like. There’s just no way around it. The implants are round and if you have no tissue to cover the implant that’s what you will get. Now, you can opt for the Allergan 410 implants that are contoured. These will give a bit more natural shape as they have less upper pole fullness. The downside to these is price, they cost a lot, and they require a larger incision to place them. But they can help minimize that really round look. Now if you have any amount of breast tissue things get much much easier. Basically your breast will maintain it’s natural shape just more full. So if you pick an implant size that fits nicely behind your breast you will have a natural look.

Size. Size matters! I get a whole lot of women who come in and tell me they want to look ‘natural’ and then they chose this great big implant. You cannot, and I don’t care what your starting point is, you cannot put in a huge implant and look natural. It doesn’t work. You need to choose an implant that fits within your breast’s native boundaries. In other words, if your breast is 15cm wide, we need to stick with an implant that is 15cm or less. Then we need to find one with a volume that balances out your figure. Now, it’s ‘ok’ to get a little greedy. So say you really like a 375cc and the 400cc implant, then pick the 400cc one. The difference is minimal. In general, it takes about 150cc of implant to change a bra size so you can use this as a rough guide as you consider size.

Finally, both saline and silicone and smooth and textured implants can produce natural results. The factors above are much more important than implant type. UNLESS you are very very slender and have very small breasts. Then in my opinion a gel implant is the better choice due to its feel advantage.

Your best bet though is to let your plastic surgeon meet with you, examine you, and you explain your goals. Then together you can make the best implant choice for you.

Lee Corbett, MD
Medical Director of Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MediSpa

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