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Which is better, SmartLipo or LipoLite?

We had a great week in the office and saw lots of new patients interested in Liposuction, specifically our SmartLipo™ Triplex laser liposuction option. I did have one patient ask about the difference between SmartLipo™ and LipoLite™ so I thought I would go over that on our blog.

The SmartLipo™ Triplex laser liposuction machine is the most powerful and technologically advanced, from a safety standpoint, laser liposuction machine available. From a performance standpoint, SmartLipo™ offers 3 lasers in one platform. The 1440nm laser targets fat cells and melts them more readily than any other laser wavelength. It also offers a 1060nm and a 1320nm wave length of lights which are blended to coagulate vessels, which minimizes bruising, and heats the under surface of the skin to tighten loose skin. The Triplex is also very powerful. It offers 46 watts of power which allows your surgeon to put a tremendous amount of energy, which translates into heat, into the fat for the tightening effect. The power allows for any size area to be treated from something as small as the area under the chin to the entire front of the abdomen.

With all of this power comes some very sophisticated safety technology. There are two safety features with SmartLipo™ that are unique. First, the laser wand that melts the fat and heats has a motion sensor built in. So if the laser wand is not moving, the laser will not fire. This prevents dents from being created and helps create a more smooth contour. It also has a thermometer built into the tip. While I want to heat up your skin, I don’t want it to get it too hot or a burn will result. So, the Smart Lipo wand is set so that the lasers will automatically shut down as the temp gets past 46º C which is the ‘magic temp’ for heating the dermis. No other laser lipo machine has these advantages.

The LipoLite™ is one laser, the 1060nm wavelength, and is intended for small isolated areas of fat. There are also no safety cutoffs to protect you from burns or contour problems.

So in the final analysis, these are two very different laser liposuction options with vastly different capabilities and safety features.

If you have questions about Laser Lipo please contact our office at 502.721.0330 or feel free to e mail my Aesthetic Coordinator, Misty, at [email protected]

Lee Corbett, MD

Medical Director, Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MediSpa

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