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Skin Care 101…Do you have the right products?

G-R-A-S-S : This is the acronym that one of our skin care lines, Skin Medica®, uses to remind us of the components everyone’s daily skin care regimen should include.

Grass breaks down this way…G: Growth Factors R: Retinols A: Anti oxidants S: Sunscreen S: Specialty products

Growth factors are proteins that are normally found in your skin. They are important because they help the skin repair and remodel itself, help prevent collagen breakdown, and prevent aging. The problem is levels tend to decrease as we age, which is when we need growth factors the most. Thus the prescription strength product lines such as SkinMedica® and SkinCeuticals® should be included in everyone’s skin care regimen to help replace this key to youthful skin.

Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A and are excellent exfoliants. They help rid you of the top layer of dead skin cells that lead to more fine lines and overall a more dull complexion. This not only leaves you with healthier, younger looking skin, it also allows your other skin care products to reach the healthy skin cells.

Anti-oxidants are very important in protecting your skin from environmental stresses like UVA light and pollution. Sun is probably the single most destructive external element that damages skin. As the skin is damaged the cells change and free radicals result within your cells causing oxidation. Anti-oxidants stop this process and protect the skin from the environment. Common examples of topical anti-oxidants include Vit. A, C and E which are found in many skin care lines.

Sunscreen is critical to any skin care regimen. Nothing is worse for your skin than excess sun exposure and tanning beds. UVA, which accounts for most of the sun’s rays, is the dominant cause of skin aging and even skin cancers. Protecting your skin from these damaging rays is essential.

Specialty Ingredients are the products that treat particular issues such as acne or things like hyper-pigmentation (brown spots)/melasma that tend emerge as a result of too much sun or hormone changes or pregnancy.

There are several prescription strength product lines that incorporate some or all of the components mentioned above. In our MediSpa, we have carefully chosen specific products from the SkinMedica®, SkinCeuticals®, NeoCutis® and Obagi® lines that we feel offer the best result for the best value. If you have any questions about your skin care feel free to contact our East Louisville office at 502-721-0330.

Lee Corbett, MD

Medical Director Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MediSpa






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