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Men and Cosmetic Surgery

The number of men electing to have cosmetic surgery seems to be holding steady. Nationally, of all cosmetic surgery patients, about 8% are men. This number is fairly steady. In my practice the percentage is lower, probably being closer to 1 or 2 percent. Being a Louisville, Kentucky plastic surgeon, I suspect my percentage of male patients is probably lower than on the coasts where more men are having things done.

When I do see a male patient, they are typically seeking out 1) Liposuction for their abdomen/spare tire  2) Gynecomastia treatment ( aka “Man Boobs”)  3) Upper lid Blepharoplasty 

4) Botox and  5) Laser tattoo removal.

Nationally, the most common procedures men request are 1) Liposuction  2) Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)  3) Blepharoplasty  4) gynecomastia and 5)  Hair transplantation.

I am not sure why more men do not have cosmetic procedures. As a group, male surgical patients tend to do very well. I suspect there is still a bit of social stigmata that holds a lot of men back.

Lee Corbett, MD


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