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What does Cosmetic Surgery cost?

I am often surprised by how much my patients think cosmetic surgery procedures cost. Their estimates are often 2 to 3 times higher than the actual prices. Every year one of our societies, the ASAPS, collects data from member surgeons. I thought it would be helpful to list average prices (these are surgeon’s fees only)  for some of the more common procedures.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)   $5,470, Breast Augmentation  $3,603, Blepharoplasty  $2,921, Breast Lift  $4,380, Breast Reduction  $5,066, Facelift  $ 6,728,

Forehead lift  $ 3,355, Liposuction $ 2,874, Rhinoplasty $4,369.

These numbers are national average surgeon’s fees only. Typically there will be an associated anesthesia and O.R. fee.

Hopefully these averages will give you an idea if your procedure of interest is feasible.

Lee Corbett, MD


All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville, Kentucky plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee Corbett.

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