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My eyes make me look so tired! What can I do?

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No one feature says more about us than our eyes. So it’s no surprise that when we start to experience aging in this area people, and most importantly, you, notice it!

There are a few options that can help aging around the eyes.

If the problem is fine lines on the lower lids, and this is usually what people see first, skin care is the answer. A little Retin-A and some prescription strength skin care product and most women see a big improvement.

Botox is very helpful for Crow’s Feet. Two or 3 injections on the side of each eye can go a long way to smoothing out your crow’s feet. You will need to be re-treated every 3 or 4 months but it does work and the cost isn’t too high, around $120- $160 per treatment.

If you lower lids show bags and skin excess, you will be best benefited by surgery. The operation is called a blepharoplasty and is designed to get rid of your ‘bags’ and tighten up the skin.

Now, the upper lids can be a little more tricky because your brow, or forehead, comes into play. More often than not, in my experience with Louisville Blepharoplasty patients, I find that most have some component of brow droop and upper lid skin excess.

Ideally, most patients would have an upper lid bleph and a brow lift. The reality is most people don’t want their brow lifted. That’s ok and we just do their upper lids.

In summary, your options, as is true for most facial aging, start with skin care and end with surgery and there is a lot in between. You just need to pick the starting point you are comfortable with and get started!

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are authored by Louisville, Kentucky Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lee Corbett. Dr. Corbett specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery including facelifts, browlifts, blepharoplasy, Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reductions, body lifts, liposuction,  and tummy tucks.