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Update: Insurance coverage for tummy tucks and panniculectomies

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I see a lot of patients who have lost weight and want their insurance to pay for their Louisville Tummy Tuck or Louisville Panniculectomy.

What I am seeing is that all of these requests for insurance coverage are denied. A Tummy Tuck is and always has been considered a cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic translates into self pay. We have been asking insurance companies to pay for panniculectomies but what we get 100% of the time is a refusal. We have not had a panniculectomy be approved since sometime back in 2007. In ’08 and ’09 we had a zero % approval rate.

Lee Corbett, MD

I often meet patients who schedule to be seen for a Louisville Panniculectomy when they really want a Louisville Tummy Tuck.

The difference between these two is substantial but there is a lot of confusion. First, insurance pays for a panniculectomy.  A tummy tuck is self pay, e.g. Cosmetic.

A panniculectomy only treats from the belly button down. A tummy tuck treats the whole abdomen.

So, while the thought of insurance paying is obviously attractive, make sure you choose the procedure that best suits your needs.

Lee Corbett, MD