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Why do some doctors put implants in through the armpit and others under the breast?

Breast Augmentation can be carried out through a variety of incision sites. The choice of site depends on your preference, your breast shape and size, your nipple size and surgeon preference.

Under the breast is the most commonly used access point. It is very flexible for surgeon, allows any type of implant to be placed, and the scar is well hidden and typically heals quite nicely.

An armpit, or Trans-Axillary, approach has the main advantage of leaving no scar on the breast, but it is very difficult to place a silicone implant through this incision and the implant must go under the muscle. So, this route is normally used for  saline implants to be placed under the muscle.

In Louisville Breast Augmentations are most normally done through the crease under the breast but all routes are used.

Lee Corbett, MD

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