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Why does the skin sometimes ripple after liposuction?

In my Louisville Liposuction practice, I find this procedure to be often reqeusted, right behind breast augmentation in popularity.

One known side effect of liposuction is rippling of the skin. Plastic Surgeons refer to this as a contour irregularity. This isn’t very common but it certainly can occur.

The reason patients experience this problem is twofold. First, if the patient is older and/or has loose skin, when the fat is removed the skin isn’t able to snap back tightly enough and it can leave some ripples. The second reason we see this is if the liposuction cannula is passed just under the skin. Everytime we advance the liposuction cannula a small tunnel is made. As the tissues heal and the tunnels collapse on themselves, if they are just under the skin, the skin can be pulled in which will cause a rippling effect. To combat this we try to stay a bit deeper with the cannula and will cross-hatch the tunnels.

Are you prone to this problem? The only way to really know is to let your Plastic Surgeon examine the area you are interested in having treated.

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are provided by Louisville Liposuction doctor, Lee Corbett, MD.

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